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CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate (for 96 and 384-well)

Troublesome cell filtration can be quickly and easily processed with multiple samples and automated!

centrifufe, filtration, plate, 384-well

In field where flow cytometers are used, the following problems occur with conventional method using tube with filter.

□Filtration is a pain
□It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time
□Total cost is high

To solve such problems, we developed and sell this “Centrifugal filtration plate” and “96-well compatible microplate mesh seal“!

✓Can process multiple samples efficiently
✓Prevent contamination per well
✓Unit cost of experiment (filtration cost) can be reduced


mesh, pore,

High homogeneous mesh pore

Use high homogeneous mesh pores of 30, 70 and 100 μm.

centrifuge microplate, mesh, bottom

"96-well" contamination prevention design

384-well, microplate, bottom

"384-well" contamination prevention design

High-throughput multiple samples processing. It can be handled for automation.


filtration plate, microplate

Use stacked on your microplate

microplate, cell, multichannel pipette

Sample is dispensed into each well with using multichannel pipette or automatic dispenser

microplate, plate, centrifuge

Filtration with centrifuge *Recommended: 300g x 30 seconds

Comparison before and after filtration

Before cell filtration

single cell suspension, after filtration

After cell filtration

Performance evaluation of 96-well centrifugal filtration plate

Evaluation method 

Set a centrifugal filtration plate on a conventional 96-well round bottom plate and pass cells through filter centrifugation

Evaluation point: Presence or absence of contamination after plate centrifugation

Method (experimental condition)

Presence or absence of contamination

HEK293T not expressing GFP and HEK293T expressing GFP (human fetal kidney epithelial cell) are filtered in adjacent wells and judged by flow cytometry


Cells were stripped with trypsin/EDTA and centrifuged.
② Cells were washed with PBS.
③ Cells were diluted with PBS to make about 2 x 104 cells/200 μL.
④ PI was added to make a final concentration of 0.25 μg/mL.
⑤ A centrifugal filtration plate was set on a 96-well plate.
⑥ Cells were added to wells in 200 μL.
⑦ The plate was centrifuged at 300 g x 30 s.
⑧ It was measured with flow cytometer (Guava easyCyte 8HT) .
*Measurement was made only within the red frame.

microplate, sample map

Operation conditions

microplate, cell, multichannel pipette

It is being put in a centrifugal filtration plate

microplate, no cell

There was no suspension left in the filter. 

microplate, after centrifuge

After centrifugation


GFP, positive cell, rate

Summary of verification results

・After centrifugation, there was no contamination in another well.
・This time, it was centrifuged at 300 g x 30 seconds, and all the suspension had fallen to the bottom. 


centrifufe, filtration, plate, 96-well

centrifufe, filtration, plate, 384-well

Product name CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate
Standard Compatible with 96 and 384-well plate
Materials Plate : polystyrene
Mesh : polyester fiber
Adhesive : silicone

96 well type

Product Code Description Q’ty Price
R-CSC078-02 CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate, 96 well, 30µm 10 plates Contact us
R-CSC079-02 CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate, 96 well, 70µm 10 plates
R-CSC080-02 CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate, 96 well, 100µm 10 plates

384 well type

Product Code Description Q’ty Price
R-CSC0783-02 CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate, 384 well, 30µm 5 plates Contact us
R-CSC0793-02 CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate, 384 well, 70µm 5 plates
R-CSC0803-02 CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate, 384 well, 100µm 5 plates



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