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centrifufe, filtration, plate, 96-well

CSCRIE Centrifugal Filtration Plate (for 96 and 384-well)

Troublesome cell filtration can be quickly and easily processed with multiple samples and automated.

IHC-seal, IHC, immunohistochemistry, glass slide

CS IHC-Fencing Seal

It is a water-repellent seal surrounding tissue section on a slide to prevent outflow or mixing of reagents such as antibody and PBS on tissue specimen.

microplate mesh seal, flow cytometry, flow cytometer, 96-well

Microplate mesh seal for 96-well plate

Troublesome filtration of cells can be easily and conveniently processed with multiple samples.

PCR, clear, sealing, film

Microplate clear seal for real-time PCR

With low autofluorescence and it can be used for PCR and real-time PCR. This is pressure bonding type and sterilized with gamma ray. Heat resistance temp is -20 to 110 deg C.

PDMS, film

PDMS film (Ultra-thin type)

Ultra thin and high precision PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) film focused on analysis and culture of live bacteria, cells and DNA.

microplate, memo label, 96-well

Microplate note seal

It is an unique seal that can write letters on 96-well microplate which could not write until now. This seal is recommended for those who want to mark the tested well, distinguish the specimens of each well easily, and write a note for each plate.

bottomless plate

Microplate without bottom plate

This is a microplate without the bottom of well part. It can be bonded with any material to the bottom side depending on your research application. The lineup includes 6 well, 24 well, 96 well and 384 well.

mesh seal, flow cytometer, flow cytometry, remove cell clump

Mesh seal for 5mL tube

For those who use flow cytometer, it is mesh seal that can do cell filtration just by putting it on 5ml tube.

microplate, seal, 8-well

Microplate seal for 96-well (cutting off type)

Microplate seal that can be cut at perforations in each row (8 well) and re-sealing during and after sample injection.

mouse, wound, splint

CS Mouse Wound Splint

CS mouse wound splint has an adhesive tape on the side in contact with the skin. Therefore, any adhesives or glues are not required in affixing the splint and make anchoring process smooth compared to the conventional splints.

mesh seal, flow cytometer, flow cytometry, remove cell clump

Mesh seal for 50 mL tube

CS CRIE’s mesh seal for 50 mL tube provides effective cell sample filtration opportunity.

About CSCRIE CorporationAbout us

factory, supler clean room, ISO class I

CSCRIE Corporation was established in March 2020 as a group company of CSTEC Corporation (Uji-shi, Kyoto). It provides various products used in life science market by utilizing precision punching technology, tape and film laminating technology and laser micro technology that CSTEC has cultivated over many years, in order to solve problems of researchers in life science market.

We are also involved in trial manufacture and development of original cell culture plates and products with micro holes and grooves such as microfluidic chips.

We aim to be a company that contributes to development of science by supporting your research with Challenge, Speed and Creative, which is the origin of our company name.