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Mesh seal for 5mL tube

For flow cytometer users,
it is possible to filter cells just by putting the mesh seal on 5ml tube.


・Can filter cells just by putting it on 5 ml tube.
・Has a tab, making it easy to stick.
・Available mesh sizes are 30 um (gray), 70 um (blue) and 100 um (red).
・Ideal for those who want to keep the cost of experiment low.

Product video

Comparison before and after cell filtration
※HEK293 cell use

Before cell filtration

After cell filtration


Immune cell researcher at a private university

With its ease of attachment to tubes, high mesh quality, easy passage of liquid, and best of all, its excellent cost performance. I can’t go back to using cell strainer or cloth mesh!


mesh seal, flow cytometer, flow cytometry, remove cell clump

Product name Mesh seal for 5mL tube
Applications Compatible with 5ml tube (outer diameter: 12 mm)

Sheet: PET
Mesh: Polyester fiber


17.25 mm × 12.5 mm(Mesh: Φ10 mm)
Mesh size: 30 um (gray), 70 um (blue) and 100 um (red)


500 pcs



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