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Anti-Frost Label Protector

The label on the sample tube will have frost during storage in the freezer or liquid nitrogen, and frost makes tough to find any markings. Moreover, long-term storage in the freezer sometimes loses markings due to aging.

CS CRIE’s Anti-Frost Label Protector solves these problems – just attach this clear label to the markings and you will get better visibility to find samples. Shortening time for finding objective tube helps to decrease the damages to samples caused by temperature change.

Not only frost, but this label protector also possesses a resistance to water and ethanol.

Anti-Frost Label Protector widely protects your markings on the sample tubes.



Features of CS CRIE's Anti-Frost Label Protector

・Simple – Just attach this protective label to your sample tube
・Wide resistance properties – Frost, Water, Ethanol…

Specs of CS CRIE's Anti-Frost Label Protector

Temperature Resistance : RT to LN2 (-196℃) 
Size : Following 3 sizes :
#R-CSC131-01 : φ12 mm for 1.5 mL tube
#R-CSC132-01 : φ16 mm for 15 mL tube
#R-CSC133-01 : φ25 mm for 50 mL tube


Labels printed by thermal printer turn black due to ethanol, and that was stressful experience. Moreover, labels stored in a freezer have frosts and lose visibility.
CS CRIE’s Anti-Frost Label Protector perfectly removed these concerns! Now, we put this label protector to every sample tube.

Researcher, Dermatology, Japan

Product Information

Product Code Description Q’ty Price
R-CSC131-01 Anti-Frost Label Protector, for 1.5 mL tube 10 sheets (80 pcs/sheet) Contact us



R-CSC132-01 Anti-Frost Label Protector, for 15 mL tube 10 sheets (30 pcs/sheet)
R-CSC133-01 Anti-Frost Label Protector, for 50 mL tube 10 sheets (20 pcs/sheet)



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