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Microplate note seal

Product introduction video

Unique seal that can write letters on 96-well microplate
that could not be written until now.
(Utility model application in progress)

Features of Microplate note seal

microplate, memo label, 96-well

microplate, memo label, 96-well

・Convenient to manage each well because of a seal that can write letters.
・It can also be used by cutting every three rows with perforations.
・There are pressure bonding type that is easy to write and adhesive type that is low cost.

Usage example

microplate, memo label, 96-well

microplate, memo label, 96-well

We recommend this product for such people.

✓ Want to mark the tested well

✓ Want to distinguish the specimens of each well easily

✓ Want to write a note for each plate

Product details・Online order

microplate, memo label, 96-well

Product name Microplate note seal (Bonding type・Adhesive type)
Applications For 96-well microplate

Pressure bonding type: PET
Adhesion type: Synthetic paper


122 mm × 86 mm
(without separator: 122 mm × 80 mm)


50 pcs

Heat resistance temp

pressure bonding type: -20 to 110 deg C
Adhesion type: -20 to 90 deg C




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