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Microplate mesh seal for 96-well plate

Troublesome filtration of cells can be easily and
conveniently processed with multiple samples!

Problems in the field using flow cytometer

In the field using flow cytometer,
the following problems occur with the conventional method using a tube with filter.

□ Filtration is a pain
□ Too much work and time
□ Have a high total cost

To solve such problems,
developed and starting to sell Microplate mesh seal for 96 well!

✓Efficiently process multiple samples
✓Prevent contamination in every well
✓Reduce the unit cost of experiment


01. Easy to paste seal

Possible to re-paste if failure.

02. Can use as much as you need and it's economical

It can be used with economy by cutting off at perforations.

03. High homogeneous mesh pores

Uses highly homogeneous mesh pores of 30, 70 and 100 um sizes

Comparison before and after cell filtrationHEK293 cell use

Before cell filtration

After cell filtration


Global Center for Science and Engineering
Dr. Chihiro Nozaki
This is exactly what I was looking for! The quick response from inquiry to trial production surprised me with the product that is more than I imagined.

→Special page for interview with Dr. Nozaki

Stem cell biologist at a private university (male in his 40s)
Compared to the conventional method, both cost and time were greatly reduced, which was very helpful. Experiment failures by students were eliminated, and the flow cytometry experiment went this way.


Individually packed. Gamma-ray sterilized

Product name Microplate mesh seal for 96 well
Materials Sheet: PET
Mesh: Polyester fiber
Adhesive: Silicone
Size 80 mm x 122 mm x 0.4 mm thickness
Mesh size 30, 70 and 100 um

Product video


96-well use -1

Remove the back sheet.

96-well use -2

Place the mesh seal on the microplate according to the well patern. * Even if failure, it can be re-pasted.

96-well use -3

Drop sample with the pipette slightly angled.

8-well use -1

Cut along the perforations with scissors.
*Can also be used with 1 well.

8-well use -2

Remove the back sheet and paste it to the microplate.

8-well use -3

Drop sample with the pipette slightly angled.

Tips for dropping sample on the mesh seal for 96-well microplate


Cell culture plate

Microfluidic chip



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